[0/4,V2] zabbix_agentd: new maintainer/summary

Message ID 20210407204455.450-1-robin.roevens@disroot.org


Robin Roevens April 7, 2021, 8:44 p.m. UTC
  Since a new version of Zabbix Agent 5 LTS was released before the
previous patch-set was reviewed, I resubmit my patchset as a V2 updating
current zabbix_agentd 4.2.6 to 5.0.10 as opposed to v5.0.9 in my
previous submission.
The other 3 patches in the set remain unchanged.

For reference I'll include the summary again:

This set of patches does not only update the binaries (well,
the first patch only does that) but also fixes some things
that I see as problematic in previous version:
- /usr/lib/zabbix is created for users to drop custom agent
  modules in, however that dir was removed and recreated
  on update as it was not in the backup. I added it to the
  backup and prevented deletion of the directory if it is
  not empty upon uninstall, so user-added content would
  not disapear when the package is removed.
- Sometimes a new version of the agent will introduce
  new configuration parameters. In general the Zabbix Agent
  config file(s) should remain compatible, but we never
  know what the future will bring us; and the user may
  miss out on new features introduced with new parameters
  in the config file. However we don't want to plain overwrite
  the configfile as the user may (probably has) have changed
  Currently on upgrade configfiles are backed up, removed,
  new are installed, then overwritten by the old ones from
  the backup. Ending with the old config and the new agent.
  I didn't find an example of another package doing something
  similar, so I chose to save the new configfile(s) as
  .ipfirenew-files like RPM-based distro's do with
  .rpmnew-files. If the original config file is absent
  the install script will automatically strip the .ipfirenew
  extension. And if the new config file does not differ from
  the currently installed one, the .ipfirenew-file is removed.
  The install-script will also issue warning messages if
  such .ipfirenew-files are left on the filesystem, requesting
  the user to manually investigate and possibly merge the
  configfile. I hope those warnings are visible in the pakfire
  A side effect is that the config files are also not removed
  when the package is uninstalled. I don't see a problem here
  for the zabbix own config-files. But it may pose a risk 
  concerning the sudoers-file? 
- I added a few IPFire specific monitoring items to the agent
  config which can be used for more in-depth monitoring of
  the IPFire installation. The user is of course free to
  use my template available on share.zabbix.com or github
  to monitor those items, or create their own template.

Thanks for considering this patch-set. Please be honest but gentle
commenting on it :-).