lsof: Update to version 4.99.3

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Commit 6220917d8763a63b427eb2ffdb104489e1ced3d2
Series lsof: Update to version 4.99.3 |

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Adolf Belka Dec. 18, 2023, 5:28 p.m. UTC
  - Update from version 4.98.0 to 4.99.3
- Update of rootfile not required
- Changelog
	Fix a spaces vs. tabs issue in 00DIST.
	Fix version file for CI
        Fix compilation error when HASIPv6 is not defined. (@chenrui333)
        Add configure option --disable-liblsof to disable installation
         of liblsof. (@subnut, #300)
        [freebsd] fix segfault from fs info (FreeBSD bug 267760)
	[netbsd] Get device numer of tmpfs instead of reporting zero
	[openbsd] Rewrite OpenBSD support because OpenBSD disallows
	 kernel memory access and lsof has to switch to user mode API.
	 Currently, most features are working, but file path reporting
	 and lock status are not working for lack of kernel support.
	 As a consequence, OpenBSD dialect is separated in a new folder.
	[darwin] Remove /dev/kmem backend because it no longer exists on
	 current macOS releases. Use libproc backend instead.
	[linux] Do not hard-code fd numbers in epoll test, fixing tests
	 on Void Linux
	[freebsd] Use kf_file_nlink if provided by kernel instead of
	 stat(). This commit requires kernel with It brings back the ability
	 to list deleted files via `lsof +L1`. Closes #264.
	[linux] Add --with-selinux configure option.
	[solaris] Re-introduce support for recent Solaris & OpenIndiana
	[darwin] Display kern ctl info, learned from apple lsof version.
	[linux] Improve performance by using closefrom(). Closes #281.
	[aix] Fix compilation on AIX 7.2 and add autotools build system
	 support for AIX.
	[aix] Suppress warnings properly on AIX version greater than
	 5.0. Closes #187.
	Introduce alpha version of liblsof which allows users to use
	 lsof functionality via C functions instead of spawning a
	 subprocess and parsing the output. This version may contain BUGs
	 and memory leaks, and the API may change before it stablizes.

Signed-off-by: Adolf Belka <>
 lfs/lsof | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


diff --git a/lfs/lsof b/lfs/lsof
index 2c654dd5b..5dbce5022 100644
--- a/lfs/lsof
+++ b/lfs/lsof
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ 
 include Config
-VER        = 4.98.0
+VER        = 4.99.3
 THISAPP    = lsof-$(VER)
 DL_FILE    = $(THISAPP).tar.gz
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@  objects = $(DL_FILE)
-$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 7ce5576653035bced042b07a946a09cb3c23da57a4f77a9f7bc8b8f86d531d73f0375a03fb0dc9e03f6ac18caa68bbb45144d6da13cee7ba94dfbb913fae9d03
+$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 71049bd2c3b6788260d9970e8c6828128999b5040fb23cee0e288ee7e353e5e0510b8b1e5a5275158f1ff37f18066a36766a80b56d24ff57be1f3243910482e7
 install : $(TARGET)