[2/2] ncat: Update to version 7.94

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Adolf Belka July 24, 2023, 4:15 p.m. UTC
  - Update from version 7.92 to 7.94
- Update of rootfile not required
- Changelog
    7.94 [2023-05-19]
	o Zenmap and Ndiff now use Python 3! Thanks to the many contributors who made
	  this effort possible:
	  + [GH#2088][GH#1176][Zenmap] Updated Zenmap to Python 3 and PyGObject. [Jakub Kulík]
	  + [GH#1807][GH#1176][Ndiff] Updated Ndiff to Python 3. [Brian Quigley]
	  + Additional Python 3 update fixes by Sam James, Daniel Miller. Special thanks
	    to those who opened Python 3-related issues and pull requests: Eli
	    Schwartz, Romain Leonard, Varunram Ganesh, Pavel Zhukov, Carey Balboa,
	    Hasan Aliyev, and others.
	o [Windows] Upgraded Npcap (our Windows raw packet capturing and
	  transmission driver) from version 1.71 to the latest version 1.75. It
	  includes dozens of performance improvements, bug fixes and feature
	  enhancements described at https://npcap.com/changelog.
	o Nmap now prints vendor names based on MAC address for MA-S (24-bit), MA-M
	  (28-bit), and MA-L (36-bit) registrations instead of the fixed 3-byte MAC
	  prefix used previously for lookups.
	o Added partial silent-install support to the Nmap Windows
	  installer. It previously didn't offer silent mode (/S) because the
	  free/demo version of Npcap Windoes packet capturing driver that it
	  needs and ships with doesn't include a silent installer. Now with
	  the /S option, Nmap checks whether Npcap is already installed
	  (either the free version or OEM) and will silently install itself if
	  so. This is similar to how the Wireshark installer works and is
	  particularly helpful for organizations that want to fully automate
	  their Nmap (and Npcap) deployments. See
	  https://nmap.org/nmap-silent-install for more details.
	o Lots of profile-guided memory and processing improvements for Nmap, including
	  OS fingerprint matching, probe matching and retransmission lookups for large
	  hostgroups, and service name lookups. Overhauled Nmap's string interning and
	  several other startup-related procedures to speed up start times, especially
	  for scans using OS detection. [Daniel Miller]
	o Integrated many of the most-submitted IPv4 OS fingerprints for recent
	  versions of Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and BSD. Added 22 fingerprints,
	  bringing the new total to 5700!
	o [NSE][GH#548] Added the tftp-version script which requests a
	  nonexistent file from a TFTP server and matches the error message
	  to a database of known software. [Mak Kolybabi]
	o [Ncat][GH#1223] Ncat can now accept "connections" from multiple UDP hosts in
	  listen mode with the --keep-open option. This also enables --broker and
	  --chat via UDP. [Daniel Miller]
	o [GH#2575] Upgraded OpenSSL binaries (for the Windows builds and for
	  RPM's) to version 3.0.8. This resolves some CVE's (CVE-2022-3602;
	  CVE-2022-3786) which don't impact Nmap proper since it doesn't do
	  certificate validation, but could possibly impact Ncat when the
	  --ssl-verify option is used.
	o Upgrade included libraries: zlib 1.2.13, Lua 5.4.4, libpcap 1.10.4
	o [GH#2532] Removed the bogus OpenSSL message from the Windows Nmap
	  executable which looked like "NSOCK ERROR ssl_init_helper(): OpenSSL
	  legacy provider failed to load." We actually already have the legacy
	  provider built-in to our OpenSSL builds, and that's why loading the
	  external one fails.
	o [GH#2541] UDP port scan (-sU) and version scan (-sV) now both use the same
	  data source, nmap-service-probes, for data payloads. Previously, the
	  nmap-payloads file was used for port scan. Port scan responses will be used
	  to kick-start the version matching process. [Daniel Miller]
	o Nmap's service scan (-sV) can now probe the UDP service behind a DTLS tunnel,
	  the same as it already does for TCP services with SSL/TLS encryption. The
	  DTLSSessionReq probe has had its rarity lowered to 2 to allow it to be sent
	  sooner in the scan. [Daniel Miller]
	o [Ncat] Ncat in listen mode with --udp --ssl will use DTLS to secure incoming
	  connections. [Daniel Miller]
	o [GH#1023] Handle Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) like Яндекс.рф on
	  platforms where getaddrinfo supports the AI_IDN flag. [Daniel Miller]
	o [Ncat] Addressed an issue from the Debian bug tracker
	  (https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=969314) regarding data
	  received immediately after a SOCKS CONNECT response. Ncat can now be
	  correctly used in the ProxyCommand option of OpenSSH.
	o Improved DNS domain name parsing to avoid recursion and enforce name length
	  limits, avoiding a theoretical stack overflow issue with certain crafted DNS
	  server responses, reported by Philippe Antoine.
	o [GH#2338][NSE] Fix mpint packing in ssh2 library, which was causing OpenSSH
	  errors like "ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: bignum is negative" [Sami Loone]
	o [GH#2507] Updates to the Japanese manpage translation by Taichi Kotake.
	o [Ncat][GH#1026][GH#2426] Dramatically speed up Ncat transfers on
	  Windows by avoiding a 125ms wait for every read from
	  STDIN. [scriptjunkie]
	o [GH#1192][Windows] Periodically reset the system idle timer to keep the
	  system from going to sleep while scans are in process. This only affects port
	  scans and OS detection scans, since NSE and version scan do not rely on
	  timing data to adjust speed.
	o Updated the Nmap Public Source License (NPSL) to Version 0.95. This
	  just clarifies that the derivative works definition and all other
	  license clauses only apply to parties who choose to accept the
	  license in return for the special rights granted (such as Nmap
	  redistribution rights). If a party can do everything they need to
	  using copyright provisions outside of this license such as fair use,
	  we support that and aren't trying to claim any control over their
	  work. Versions of Nmap released under previous versions of the NPSL
	  may also be used under the NPSL 0.95 terms.
	o Avoid storing many small strings from IPv4 OS detection results in the global
	  string_pool. These were effectively leaked after a host is done being
	  scanned, since string_pool allocations are not freed until Nmap quits.
    7.93 [2022-09-01]
	o This release commemorates Nmap's 25th anniversary! It all started with this
	  September 1, 1997 Phrack article by Fyodor: https://nmap.org/p51-11.html.
	o [Windows] Upgraded Npcap (our Windows raw packet capturing and
	  transmission driver) from version 1.50 to the latest version 1.71. It
	  includes dozens of performance improvements, bug fixes and feature
	  enhancements described at https://npcap.com/changelog.
	o Ensure Nmap builds with OpenSSL 3.0 using no deprecated API functions.
	  Binaries for this release include OpenSSL 3.0.5.
	o Upgrade included libraries: libssh2 1.10.0, zlib 1.2.12, Lua 5.3.6, libpcap 1.10.1
	o [GH#2416] Fix a bug that prevented Nmap from discovering interfaces on Linux
	  when no IPv4 addresses were configured. [Daniel Miller, nnposter]
	o [NSE][GH#2463] NSE "exception handling" with nmap.new_try() will no longer
	  result in a stack traceback in debug output nor a "ERROR: script execution
	  failed" message in script output, since the intended behavior has always been
	  to end the script immediately without output. [Daniel Miller]
	o [GH#2494] Update the Nmap output DTD to match actual output since the
	  `<hosthint>` element was added in Nmap 7.90.
	o [NSE][GH#2496] Fix newtargets support: since Nmap 7.92, scripts could not add
	  targets in script pre-scanning phase. [Daniel Miller]
	o [GH#2468] Scripts dhcp-discover and broadcast-dhcp-discover now support
	  setting a client identifier. [nnposter]
	o [GH#2331][GH#2471] Script oracle-tns-version was not reporting the version
	  correctly for Oracle 19c or newer [linholmes]
	o [GH#2296][GH#2342] Script redis-info was crashing or producing inaccurate
	  information about client connections and/or cluster nodes. [nnposter]
	o [GH#2379] Nmap and Nping were unable to obtain system routes on FreeBSD
	  [benpratt, nnposter]
	o [GH#2464] Script ipidseq was broken due to calling an unreachable library
	  function. [nnposter]
	o [GH#2420][GH#2436] Support for EC crypto was not properly enabled if Nmap
	  was compiled with OpenSSL in a custom location. [nnposter]
	o [NSE] Improvements to event handling and pcap socket garbage collection,
	  fixing potential hangs and crashes. [Daniel Miller]
	o We ceased creating the Nmap win32 binary zipfile. It was useful back when
	  you could just unzip it and run Nmap from there, but that hasn't worked well
	  for many years. The win32 self-installer handles Npcap installation and many
	  other dependencies and complexities. Anyone who needs the binaries for some
	  reason can still install Nmap on any system and retrieve them from there.
	  For now we're keeping the Win32 zipfile in the Nmap OEM Edition
	  (https://nmap.org/oem) for companies building Nmap into their own
	  products. But even in that case we believe that running the Nmap OEM
	  self-installer in silent mode is a better approach.
	o [GH#2388] Fix TDS7 password encoding for mssql.lua, which had been assuming
	  ASCII input even though other parts of the library had been passing it Unicode.
	o [GH#2402] Replace deprecated CPEs for IIS with their updated identifier,
	  cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_information_services [Esa Jokinen]
	o [NSE][GH#2393] Fix script-terminating error when unknown BSON data types are
	  encountered. Added parsers for most standard data types. [Daniel Miller]
	o [Ncat] Fix hostname/certificate comparison and matching to handle ASN.1
	  strings without null terminators, a similar bug to OpenSSL's CVE-2021-3712.
	o [Ncat][GH#2365] Added support for SOCKS5 proxies that return bind addresses
	  as hostnames, instead of IPv4/IPv6 addresses. [pomu0325]

Signed-off-by: Adolf Belka <adolf.belka@ipfire.org>
 lfs/ncat | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)


diff --git a/lfs/ncat b/lfs/ncat
index 6ba2c538b..9bbbeff3d 100644
--- a/lfs/ncat
+++ b/lfs/ncat
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ 
 #                                                                             #
 # IPFire.org - A linux based firewall                                         #
-# Copyright (C) 2007-2022  IPFire Team  <info@ipfire.org>                     #
+# Copyright (C) 2007-2023  IPFire Team  <info@ipfire.org>                     #
 #                                                                             #
 # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify        #
 # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by        #
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@  include Config
 SUMMARY    = Network tool to concatenate and redirect sockets
-VER        = 7.92
+VER        = 7.94
 THISAPP    = ncat-$(VER)
 DL_FILE    = nmap-$(VER).tar.bz2
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@  DL_FROM    = $(URL_IPFIRE)
 DIR_APP    = $(DIR_SRC)/nmap-$(VER)
 PROG       = ncat
-PAK_VER    = 9
+PAK_VER    = 10
 DEPS       =
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@  objects = $(DL_FILE)
-$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 0f3022e797ffca7d1d3497990c86bb60ac9a80bb93cb4ec7fcfa4f51782cb8d79d4f0aca0fa6119bfd604cfe7b89af3d4223ce13ad3e6c948c021909aebd956b
+$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 5819b458b50e33f6a507ad3c32a731c13e730c40d31a61731c3cfcd41fad8e3fdfcbb721ef46b05a80e406d0a646d0966d4b645551711144822551ef374a443a
 install : $(TARGET)