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Adolf Belka July 21, 2023, 8:51 p.m. UTC
  - Update from version 3.0.26 to 3.2.3
- Update of rootfile
- Changelog
	Feature Improvements
	    Add "max_retries" for connection pools. Fixes #4908. Patch from Nick Porter.
	    Update dictionary.ciena, dictionary.huawei, dictionary.wifialliance and
             dictionary.wispr; add dictionary.eleven.
	    You can now list "eap" in the "pre-proxy" section. If the packet contains a
             malformed EAP message, then the request will be rejected The home server
             will either reject (or discard) this packet anyways, so this change can only
             help with large proxy scenarios.
	    Show warnings if libldap is not using OpenSSL.
	    Support RADIUS/1.1. See
    Disabled by
             default, can be enabled by passing `--with-radiusv11` to the configure
             script. For now, this is for testing interoperability.
	    Add extra sanity checks for malformed EAP attributes.
	    More TLS debugging output.
	    Clear old module instance data before HUP reload. Avoids burst memory use
	     when e.g. using large data files with rlm_files. Patch from Nick Porter.
	    `rlm_cache_redis` is now included in the freeradius-redis packages.
	    Separate out python2/python3 in Debian Packages. Previously python 2 or 3 was
             built depending on the system default which led to confusion. We now build
             both freeradius-python2 and freeradius-python3 packages where possible.
	Bug Fixes
	    Don't leak MD contexts with OpenSSL 3.0.
	    Increase internal buffer size for TLS connections, which can help with
             high-load proxies.
	    Send Status-Server checks for TLS connections.
	    Give descriptive error if "update CoA" is used with "fake" packets, as it
             won't work. i.e. inner-tunnel and virtual home servers.
	    Many small ASAN / LSAN fixes from Jorge Pereira.
	    Close inbound RADIUS/TLS socket on TLS errors. When a home server sees a TLS
             error, it will now close the socket, so proxies do not have an open (but
             dead) TLS connection.
	    Fix mutex locking issues on inbound RADIUS/TLS connections This change avoids
             random issues with "bad record mac".
	    Improve REST encoding loop. Patch from Herwin Weststrate. Closes #4950.
	    Correctly report the LDAP group a user was found in. Fixes #3084 Patch from
             Nick Porter.
	    Force correct packet type when running Post-Auth-Type. Helps with #4980.
	    Fix small leak in Client-Lost code. Patch from Terry Burton. PR #4996.
	    Fix TCP socket statistics. Closes #4990.
	    Use NAS-Port-Id instead of NAS-Port during SQL simultaneous-use checks. Helps
             with #5010.
	Feature Improvements
	    The "configure" process now gives a much clearer report when it's finished.
             Patches by Matthew Newton.
	    Fallback to "uname -n" on missing "hostname". Fixes #4771.
	    Export thread details in radmin "stats threads". Fixes #4770.
	    Improve queries for processing radacct into periodic usage data Fix from Nick
	    Add dictionary.calix.
	    Fix dictionary.rfc6519 DS-Lite-Tunnel-Name to be "octets".
	    Update documentation for robust-proxy-accounting, and be more aggressive
             about sending packets.
	    Add per-module files in the source.
	    Add default Visual Studio configuration for developers.
	    Postgres can now automatically use alternate queries for errors other than
             duplicate keys.
	    %{listen:TLS-PSK-Identity} is now set when using PSK and psk_query This helps
             the server track the identity of the client which is connecting.
	    Include thread stats in Status-Server attributes. Fixes #4870.
	    Mark rlm_unbound stable and add to packages. Patches by Nick Porter.
	    Remove broken/unsupported Dockerfiles for centos8 and debian9.
	    Ensure Docker containers have stable uid/gid. Patches from Terry Burton.
	Bug Fixes
	    Preliminary support for non-blocking TLS sockets. Helps with #3501.
	    Fix support for partial certificate chains after adding reload support.
             Fixes #4753.
	    Fix handling of debug_condition.
	    Clean up home server states, and re-sync with the dictionaries.
	    Correct certificate order when creating TLS-* attributes Fixes #4785.
	    Update use of isalpha() etc. so broken configurations have less impact on the
	    Outgoing TLS sockets now set SNI correctly from the "hostname" configuration
	    Support Apple Homebrew on the M1. Fixes #4754.
	    Better error messages when %{listen:TLS-...} is used.
	    Getting statistics via Status-Server can now be done within a virtual server.
             Fixes #4868.
	    Make TTLS+MS-CHAP work with TLS 1.3. Fixes #4878.
	    Fix md5 xlat memory leak when using OpenSSL 3. Fix by Terry Burton.
	Feature Improvements
	    Add dictionary.ciena, dictionary.nile, and DHCPv4 dictionaries,.
	    Add simultaneous-use queries for MS SQL.
	    Add radmin command for "stats pool <module-name>" Which prints out statistics
             about the connection pools.
	    Client statistics now shows "conflicts", to count conflicting packets.
	    New optional "lightweight accounting-on/off" strategy. When refreshing
             queries.conf you should also add the new nasreload table and corresponding
             GRANTs to your DB schema.
	    Add TLS-Client-Cert-X509v3-Certificate-Policies, which helps with Eduroam.
             Suggested by Stefan Winter.
	    Allow auth+acct for TCP sockets, too.
	    Add rlm_cache_redis. See raddb/mods-available/cache for details.
	    Allow radmin to look up home servers by name, too.
	    Ensure that dynamic clients don't create loops on duplicates Reported by Sam
	    Removed rlm_sqlhpwippool. There was no documentation, no configuration, and
             the module was ~15 years old with no one using it.
	    Marked rlm_python3 as stable.
	    Add sigalgs_list. See raddb/mods-available/eap. Patch from Boris Lytochkin.
	    For rlm_linelog, when opening files in /dev, look at "permissions" to see
             whether to open them r/w.
	    More flexibility for dynamic home servers. See
             doc/configuration/ and raddb/home_servers/
	    Allow setting of application_name for PostgreSQL. See mods-available/sql.
	Bug Fixes
	    Correct test for open sessions in radacct for MS SQL.
	    The linelog module now opens /dev/stdout in "write-only" mode if the
             permissions are set to "u+w" (0002).
	    Various fixes to rlm_unbound from Nick Porter.
	    PEAP now correctly runs Post-Auth-Type Accept.
	    Create "TLS-Cert-*" for outbound Radsec, instead of TLS-Client-Cert-*
             Fixes #4698. See sites-available/tls, and fix_cert_order.
	    Minor updates and fixes to CI, Dockerfiles and packaging.
	    Fix rlm_python3 build with python >= 3.10. Fixes #4441.
	Feature Improvements
	    All features from 3.0.x are included in the 3.2.x releases. In addition:.
	    Add 'reset_day' and '%%r' parameter for rlm_sqlcounter to specify which day
             of the month the counter should be reset.
	    Partial backport of rlm_json from v4, providing the json_encode xlat See
             mods-available/json for documentation.
	    Support for haproxy "PROXY" protocol See sites-available/tls,
             "proxy_protocol" and doc/antora/modules/howto/pages/protocols/proxy/.
	    Support for sending CoA-Request and Disconnect-Request packets in "reverse"
             down RadSec tunnels. Experimental for now, and undocumented.
	    It is now possible to run a virtual server when saving / loading TLS cache
             attributes. See sites-available/tls-cache for more information.
	    Removed the "cram" module. It was undocumented, and used old and insecure
             authentication methods.
	    Remove the "otp" module. The "otpd" program it needs is no longer available,
             and the module has not been usable since at least 2015.
	    All features from 3.0.x are included in the 3.2.x releases.
	    3.2.0 requires OpenSSL 1.0.2 or greater.
	Bug Fixes
	    All bug fixes from 3.0.x are included in the 3.2.x releases.

Signed-off-by: Adolf Belka <>
 config/rootfiles/packages/freeradius | 38 ++++++++++++++++++++++------
 lfs/freeradius                       |  6 ++---
 2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)


diff --git a/config/rootfiles/packages/freeradius b/config/rootfiles/packages/freeradius
index 2e78e3787..899bfa139 100644
--- a/config/rootfiles/packages/freeradius
+++ b/config/rootfiles/packages/freeradius
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -56,7 +57,6 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -104,6 +104,11 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -213,7 +218,8 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -276,6 +282,7 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -299,6 +306,7 @@  etc/raddb
@@ -433,9 +441,6 @@  usr/lib/freeradius/
@@ -496,6 +501,9 @@  usr/lib/freeradius/
@@ -511,9 +519,6 @@  usr/lib/freeradius/
@@ -529,6 +534,9 @@  usr/lib/freeradius/
@@ -567,6 +575,9 @@  usr/lib/freeradius/
@@ -620,6 +631,13 @@  usr/sbin/radmin
@@ -708,6 +726,7 @@  usr/sbin/radmin
@@ -882,6 +901,7 @@  usr/share/freeradius
@@ -909,6 +929,7 @@  usr/share/freeradius
@@ -1104,6 +1125,7 @@  usr/share/freeradius
diff --git a/lfs/freeradius b/lfs/freeradius
index f6740c280..5ce1a2528 100644
--- a/lfs/freeradius
+++ b/lfs/freeradius
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@  include Config
-VER        = 3.0.26
+VER        = 3.2.3
 THISAPP    = freeradius-server-$(VER)
 DL_FILE    = $(THISAPP).tar.bz2
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@  DL_FROM    = $(URL_IPFIRE)
 PROG       = freeradius
-PAK_VER    = 18
+PAK_VER    = 19
 DEPS       = libtalloc samba
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@  objects = $(DL_FILE)
-$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = db9e092399ddf0fab1a8e935f867cc48155bd211741a30edd97647ea1bb1c531d0580c71908db71576e76f7ffa833ecd7355db92f20428f653a2cfd8d5a233b1
+$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 525204331a5b123dac7457c6adb755cbe9794dbff4a536ea665fc7d1cac97553e392b7b598741c2a9dd00c81decd00608499d6f25208e389b9f213f54977de84
 install : $(TARGET)