curl: Update to version 8.2.0

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Adolf Belka July 21, 2023, 8:51 p.m. UTC
  - Update from version 8.1.0 to 8.2.0
- Update of rootfile
- Changelog
	    curl: add --ca-native and --proxy-ca-native
	    curl: add --trace-ids
	    haproxy: add --haproxy-clientip flag to set client IPs
	    bufq: make write/pass methods more robust
	    build: drop unused/redundant `HAVE_WINLDAP_H`
	    cf-socket: don't bypass fclosesocket callback if cancelled before connect
	    cf-socket: move ctx declaration under HAVE_GETPEERNAME
	    cf-socket: skip getpeername()/getsockname for TFTP
	    checksrc: modernise perl file open
	    checksrc: quote the file name to work with "funny" letters
	    CI: brew fix for openssl in default path
	    CI: don't install impacket if tests are not run
	    CI: enable parallel make in more builds
	    circleci: install impacket & wolfssl 5.6.0
	    cmake: add support for "unity" builds
	    cmake: make use of snprintf
	    cmake: stop CMake from quietly ignoring missing Brotli
	    configure: add check for ldap_init_fd
	    configure: fix run-compiler for old /bin/sh
	    configure: the --without forms of the options are also gone
	    connect-timeout.d: mention that the DNS lookup is included
	    curl.h: include <sys/select.h> for vxworks
	    curl: count uploaded data to stop at the originally given size
	    curl: return error when asked to use an unsupported HTTP version
	    curl_easy_nextheader.3: add missing open parenthesis examples
	    curl_log: evaluate log statement only when transfer is verbose
	    curl_mprintf.3: minor fix of the example
	    curl_pushheader_byname/bynum.3: document in their own man pages
	    curl_url_set: enforce the max string length check for all parts
	    CURLOPT_AWS_SIGV4.3: remove unused variable from example
	    CURLOPT_INFILESIZE.3: mention -1 triggers chunked
	    CURLOPT_MIMEPOST.3: clarify what setting to NULL means
	    CURLOPT_SSH_PRIVATE_KEYFILE.3: expand on the file search
	    docs/libcurl/libcurl.3: cleanups and improvements
	    docs: add more .IP after .RE to fix indentation of generate paragraphs
	    docs: fix missing parameter names in examples
	    docs: update CURLOPT_UPLOAD.3
	    docs: update for newer ngtcp2 and nghttp3
	    docs: use a space after RFC when spelling out RFC numbers
	    example/connect-to: show CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO
	    example/crawler: also set CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER
	    example/crawler: make it use a few more options
	    example/default-scheme: set the default scheme for schemeless URLs
	    example/hsts-preload: show one way to HSTS preload
	    example/http2-download: set CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE
	    example/ipv6: feature CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE in use
	    example/maxconnects: set maxconnect example
	    example/opensslthreadlock: remove
	    examples/ftpuploadresume.c: add use of CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS
	    examples/http-options: show how to send "OPTIONS *"
	    examples/https.c: use CURLOPT_CA_CACHE_TIMEOUT
	    examples/multi-debugcallback.c: avoid the bool typedef
	    examples/smtp-mime: use CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT_ALLOWFAILS
	    examples/unixsocket.c: example using CURLOPT_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH
	    examples/websocket.c: websocket example using CONNECT_ONLY
	    examples: make use of CURLOPT_(REDIR_|)PROTOCOLS_STR
	    fopen: fix conversion warning on 32-bit Android
	    fopen: optimize
	    hostip.c: Move macOS-specific calls into global init call
	    HTTP/2: upload handling fixes
	    http2: better support for --limit-rate
	    http2: error stream resets with code CURLE_HTTP2_STREAM
	    http2: fix crash in handling stream weights
	    http2: fix variable type
	    http2: h2 and h2-PROXY connection alive check fixes
	    http2: raise header limitations above and beyond
	    http2: send HEADER & DATA together if possible
	    http2: treat initial SETTINGS as a WINDOW_UPDATE update openssl version
	    http3/ngtcp2: upload EAGAIN handling
	    http: rectify the outgoing Cookie: header field size check
	    hyper: fix EOF handling on input
	    hyper: unslow
	    imap-append.c: update to make it more likely to work
	    imap: Provide method to disable SASL if it is advertised
	    krb5: add typecast to please Coverity
	    libcurl-url.3: also mention CURLUPART_ZONEID
	    libcurl-ws.3. WebSocket API overview
	    libssh2: provide error message when setting host key type fails
	    libssh2: use custom memory functions
	    ngtcp2: assigning timeout, but value is overwritten before used
	    ngtcp2: build with 0.17.0 and nghttp3 0.13.0
	    ngtcp2: use ever increasing timestamp in io
	    quiche: avoid NULL deref in debug logging
	    quiche: fix defects found in latest coverity report
	    quote.d: fix indentation of generated paragraphs
	    runtests: abort test run after failure without -a
	    runtests: better handle ^C during slow tests
	    runtests: consistently write the test check summary block
	    runtests: create multiple test runners when requested
	    runtests: include missing valgrind package
	    runtests: make test file directories in log/N
	    runtests: rename server command file
	    runtests: use more consistent failure lines
	    runtests: work around a perl without SIGUSR1
	    runtests; give each server a unique log lock file
	    scripts: Fix GHA matrix job detection in
	    sectransp: fix EOF handling
	    system.h: remove __IBMC__/__IBMCPP__ guards and apply to all z/OS compiles
	    test2600: fix the description
	    test427: verify sending more cookies than fit in a 8190 bytes line
	    tests/http: Add mod_h2 directive `H2ProxyRequests`
	    tests/ pick unused port number with a server socket
	    tests/servers: generate temp names in /tmp for unix domain sockets
	    tests: fix error messages & handling around sockets
	    tests: improve reliability of TFTP tests
	    testutil: allow multiple %-operators on the same line
	    timeval: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW if available
	    tls13-ciphers.d: include Schannel
	    tool: remove exclamation marks from error/warning messages
	    tool: remove newlines from all helpf/notef/warnf/errorf calls
	    tool_easysrc.h: correct `easysrc_perform` for `CURL_DISABLE_LIBCURL_OPTION`
	    tool_getparam: fix comment
	    tool_operate: allow cookie lines up to 8200 bytes
	    tool_parsecfg: accept line lengths up to 10M
	    tool_urlglob: use curl_off_t instead of longs
	    tool_writeout_json: fix encoding of control characters
	    transfer: clear credentials when redirecting to absolute URL
	    urlapi: have *set(PATH) prepend a slash if one is missing
	    urlapi: scheme must start with alpha
	    vtls: avoid memory leak if sha256 call fails
	    websocket-cb: example doing WebSocket download using callback
	    wolfssl: detect when TLS 1.2 support is not built into wolfssl
	    wolfssl: support setting CA certificates as blob
	    ws: make the curl_ws_meta() return pointer a const
	    configure: quote the assignments for run-compiler
	    configure: without pkg-config and no custom path, use -lnghttp2
	    curl: cache the --trace-time value for a second
	    http2: fix EOF handling on uploads with auth negotiation
	    http3: send EOF indicator early as possible
	    lib1560: verify more scheme guessing
	    lib: remove unused functions, make single-use static
	    libcurl.m4: remove trailing 'dnl' that causes this to break autoconf
	    libssh: when keyboard-interactive auth fails, try password
	    misc: fix spelling mistakes
	    page-header: mention curl version and how to figure out current release
	    page-header: minor wording polish in the URL segment
	    scripts/ add more API calls
	    urlapi: remove superfluous host name check
	    cf-socket: completely remove the disabled USE_RECV_BEFORE_SEND_WORKAROUND
	    checksrc: disallow spaces before labels
	    cmake: avoid `list(PREPEND)` for compatibility
	    cmake: repair cross compiling
	    configure: fix --help alignment
	    configure: generate a script to run the compiler
	    curl_easy_getinfo: clarify on return data types
	    docs: document that curl_url_cleanup(NULL) is a safe no-op
	    hostip: move easy_lock.h include above curl_memory.h
	    http2: double http request parser max line length
	    http2: increase stream window size to 10 MB
	    http2: upload improvements
	    lib: fix conversion warnings with gcc on macOS
	    lib: rename struct 'http_req' to 'httpreq'
	    ngtcp2: fix compiler warning about possible null-deref
	    ngtcp2: proper handling of uint64_t when adjusting send buffer
	    os400: update chkstrings.c
	    runtests: handle interrupted reads from IPC pipes
	    runtests: use the correct fd after select
	    sectransp.c: make the code c89 compatible
	    select: avoid returning an error on EINTR from select() or poll()
	    test425: fix the log directory for the upload
	    url: provide better error message when URLs fail to parse
	    urlapi: allow numerical parts in the host name
	    vquic.c: make recvfrom_packets static, avoid compiler warning

Signed-off-by: Adolf Belka <>
 config/rootfiles/common/curl | 6 +++++-
 lfs/curl                     | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


diff --git a/config/rootfiles/common/curl b/config/rootfiles/common/curl
index 82e3988d6..4559aaaa8 100644
--- a/config/rootfiles/common/curl
+++ b/config/rootfiles/common/curl
@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@  usr/lib/
@@ -225,7 +226,7 @@  usr/lib/
@@ -471,6 +472,8 @@  usr/lib/
@@ -501,4 +504,5 @@  usr/lib/
diff --git a/lfs/curl b/lfs/curl
index 995f63cd5..b97e974bb 100644
--- a/lfs/curl
+++ b/lfs/curl
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ 
 include Config
-VER        = 8.1.0
+VER        = 8.2.0
 THISAPP    = curl-$(VER)
 DL_FILE    = $(THISAPP).tar.xz
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@  objects = $(DL_FILE)
-$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 768a824b8f5f6ddaa073599c4106f07a8134bcbe0e0d666390be1bce16ba25386d85930853bb47bc90b2c8a499a0b2abb9c685042563801e0fe58b9c315ac6cc
+$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 1387869f9ab2e1984217e57a5a8aa3551b4015875fc6a0b4159fa1cbac01b8ec865aa1db03478ce61508592d1bd5f8e9ee51d411cd704805d8f907b56b382923
 install : $(TARGET)