[4/4] ovpnmain.cgi: Add confirm dialog to delete form

Message ID 20230401144343.1483-4-hofmann@leo-andres.de
State New
Series [1/4] WUI: Start implementing a simple JavaScript framework |

Commit Message

Leo-Andres Hofmann April 1, 2023, 2:43 p.m. UTC
  This adds a confirmation dialog to the delete buttons, thus preventing
users from accidentally removing certificates that are still in use.

Fixes: #13058

Signed-off-by: Leo-Andres Hofmann <hofmann@leo-andres.de>
 html/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


diff --git a/html/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi b/html/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi
index 87bda4f1e..b0f00fa57 100644
--- a/html/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi
+++ b/html/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi
@@ -5539,7 +5539,7 @@  END
 	    <input type='image' name='$Lang::tr{'edit'}' src='/images/edit.gif' alt='$Lang::tr{'edit'}' title='$Lang::tr{'edit'}' width='20' height='20' border='0'/>
 	    <input type='hidden' name='KEY' value='$key' />
-	<form method='post' name='frm${key}f'><td align='center' $col>
+	<form method='post' name='frm${key}f' data-confirm-message='$Lang::tr{'remove'} $Lang::tr{$confighash{$key}[3]} ($Lang::tr{$confighash{$key}[4]}): "$confighash{$key}[1]"'><td align='center' $col>
 	    <input type='hidden' name='ACTION' value='$Lang::tr{'remove'}' />
 	    <input type='image'  name='$Lang::tr{'remove'}' src='/images/delete.gif' alt='$Lang::tr{'remove'}' title='$Lang::tr{'remove'}' width='20' height='20' border='0' />
 	    <input type='hidden' name='KEY' value='$key' />