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Adolf Belka Dec. 29, 2022, 3:48 p.m. UTC
  - Update from 3.45 (2005) to 3.78 (2022)
- Update to rootfile
- Changelog
	3.78      2022-03-28
	  * Remove unused variable (GH#26) (Michal Josef Špaček)
	3.77      2022-03-14
	  * Update tests to remove HTML4 specific tags (GH#25) (Jess)
	3.76      2021-03-04
	  * Add a fix for a stack confusion error on `eof`. (GH#21) (Matthew Horsfall
	    and Chase Whitener)
	3.75      2020-08-30
	  * Clean up the prereqs a bit
	  * Mark HTML::Filter as deprecated as the docs point out
	  * Move into the lib directory with the others. This will help
	    with everything from auto version bumps after releases, to scanning for
	    prerequisites and spelling errors.
	  * Fix a few spelling errors in the POD for HTML::Parser
	  * Clean up the spacing on many examples in HTML::Parser
	3.74      2020-08-30
	  * Fix the order of date and version in this change log. (Thanks, haarg)
	  * Convert to Dist::Zilla
	  * Build all prereqs from our cpanfile
	  * Go through all test files and:
	    * perltidy
	    * Use strict/warnings
	    * Get rid of two-arg open
	    * Get rid of BAREWORD filehandles
	    * Fix the eval pattern used
	    * Only use -w where we catch $SIG{__WARN__}
	    * Fix encoding problems
	    * use utf8 where we have unicode in the source
	  * Fix a typo here and there
	  * perltidy all of the example apps in eg/
	  * Add comments explaining the apps in eg/ (GH#13 Thanks, Salvatore Bonaccorso)
	  * Print out UTF-8 encoded data where sensible in eg/
	3.73     2020-08-24
	  * Cleaned up this changes log.
	  * Added a .mailmap file to organize contributions accurately.
	  * Ensure all versions are equal and on the current version
	  * Add the .mailmap to the MANIFEST
	  * Change the META information to point to the new GH repository
	  * Add a .perltidyrc to use going forward
	  * Add hctype.h and pfunc.h to the dist as static files and stop asking
	    for them to be built on the user's end.
	  * Remove t/pod.t from userland testing
	  * Remove t/pod-coverage.t from userland testing
	  * Clean up the MANIFEST
	  * Start testing via GitHub Actions/Workflows
	  * Protect active parser from being freed (PR 13, RT #115034)
	3.72     2016-01-19
	  * Avoid more clang casting warnings
	  * Remove trailing whitespace
	  * Ensure entities expand to utf8 sequences under 'utf8_mode' [RT#99755]
	  * typo fixes (David Steinbrunner)
	  * Silence clang warning (Jacques Germishuys)
	  * const+static-ing (bulk88)
	3.71     2013-05-09
	  * Transform ':' in headers to '-' [RT#80524]
	3.70     2013-03-28
	  * Fix for cross-compiling with Buildroot (François Perrad)
	  * Comment typo fix
	  * Fix Issue #3 / RT #84144: HTML::Entities::decode_entities() needs
	    to call SV_CHECK_THINKFIRST() before checking READONLY flag (Yves Orton)
	3.69     2011-10-15
	  * Documentation fix; encode_utf8 mixup [RT#71151]
	  * Make it clearer that there are 2 (actually 3) options for handing "UTF-8 garbage"
	  * Github is the official repo
	  * Can't be bothered to try to fix the failures that occur on perl-5.6
	  * fix to TokeParser to correctly handle option configuration (Barbie)
	  * Aesthetic change: remove extra ; (Jon Jensen)
	  * Trim surrounding whitespace from extracted URLs. (Ville Skyttä)
	3.68     2010-09-01
	  * Declare the encoding of the POD to be utf8
	3.67     2010-08-17
	  * bleadperl 2154eca7 breaks HTML::Parser 3.66 [RT#60368] (Nicholas Clark)
	3.66     2010-07-09
	  * Fix entity decoding in utf8_mode for the title header
	3.65     2010-04-04
	  * Eliminate buggy entities_decode_old
	  * Fixed endianness typo [RT#50811] (Salvatore Bonaccorso)
	  * Documentation Fixes. (Ville Skyttä)
	3.64     2009-10-25
	  * Convert files to UTF-8
	  * Don't allow decode_entities() to generate illegal Unicode chars
	  * Copyright 2009
	  * Remove rendundant (repeated) test
	  * Make parse_file() method use 3-arg open [RT#49434]
	3.63     2009-10-22
	  * Take more care to prepare the char range for encode_entities [RT#50170]
	  * decode_entities confused by trailing incomplete entity
	3.62     2009-08-13
	  * Doc patch: Make it clearer what the return value from ->parse is
	  * HTTP::Header doc typo fix. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Do not bother tracking style or script, they're ignored. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Bring HTML 5 head elements up to date with WD-html5-20090423. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Improve HeadParser performance. (Ville Skyttä)
	3.61     2009-06-20
	  * Test that triggers the crash that Chip fixed
	  * Complete documented list of literal tags
	  * Avoid crash (referenced pend_text instead of skipped_text) (Chip Salzenberg)
	  * Reference HTML::LinkExttor [RT#43164] (Antonio Radici)
	3.60     2009-02-09
	  * Spelling fixes. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Test multi-value headers. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Documentation improvements. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Do not terminate head parsing on the <object> element (added in HTML 4.0). (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Add support for HTML 5 <meta charset> and new HEAD elements. (Ville Skyttä)
	  * Short description of the htextsub example (Damyan Ivanov)
	  * Suppress warning when encode_entities is called with undef [RT#27567] (Mike South)
	  * HTML::Parser doesn't compile with perl 5.8.0. (Zefram)
	3.59     2008-11-24
	  * Restore perl-5.6 compatibility for HTML::HeadParser.
	  * Improved META.yml
	3.58     2008-11-17
	  * Suppress "Parsing of undecoded UTF-8 will give garbage" warning
	     with attr_encoded [RT#29089]
	  * HTML::HeadParser:
	       - Recognize the Unicode BOM in utf8_mode as well [RT#27522]
	       - Avoid ending up with '/' keys attribute in Link headers.
	3.57     2008-11-16
	  * The <iframe> element content is now parsed in literal mode.
	  * Parsing of <script> and <style> content ends on the first end tag
	     even when that tag was in a quoted string.  That seems to be the
	     behaviour of all modern browsers.
	  * Implement backquote() attribute as requested by Alex Kapranoff.
	  * Test and documentation tweaks from Alex Kapranoff.
	3.56     2007-01-12
	  * Cloning of parser state for compatibility with threads.
	     Fixed by Bo Lindbergh <>.
	  * Don't require whitespace between declaration tokens.
	3.55     2006-07-10
	  * Treat <> at the end of document as text.  Used to be
	     reported as a comment.
	  * Improved Firefox compatibility for bad HTML:
	      - Unclosed <script>, <style> are now treated as empty tags.
	      - Unclosed <textarea>, <xmp> and <plaintext> treat rest as text.
	      - Unclosed <title> closes at next tag.
	  * Make <!a'b> a comment by itself.
	3.54     2006-04-28
	  * Yaakov Belch discovered yet another issue with <script> parsing.
	     Enabling of 'empty_element_tags' got the parser confused
	     if it found such a tag for elements that are normally parsed
	     in literal mode.  Of these <script src="..."/> is the only
	     one likely to be found in documents.
	3.53     2006-04-27
	  * When ignore_element was enabled it got confused if the
	     corresponding tags did not nest properly; the end tag
	     was treated it as if it was a start tag.
	     Found and fixed by Yaakov Belch <>.
	3.52     2006-04-26
	  * Make sure the 'start_document' fires exactly once for
	     each document parsed.  For earlier releases it did not
	     fire at all for empty documents and could fire multiple
	     times if parse was called with empty chunks.
	  * Documentation tweaks and typo fixes.
	3.51     2006-03-22
	  * Named entities outside the Latin-1 range are now only expanded
	     when properly terminated with ";".  This makes HTML::Parser
	     compatible with Firefox/Konqueror/MSIE when it comes to how these
	     entities are expanded in attribute values.  Firefox does expand
	     unterminated non-Latin-1 entities in plain text, so here
	     HTML::Parser only stays compatible with Konqueror/MSIE.
	     Fixes <>.
	  * Fixed some documentation typos spotted by <>.
	3.50     2006-02-14
	  * The 3.49 release didn't compile with VC++ because it mixed code
	     and declarations.  Fixed by Steve Hay <>.
	3.49     2006-02-08
	  * Events could sometimes still fire after a handler has signaled eof.
	  * Marked_sections with text ending in square bracket parsed wrong.
	     Fix provided by <>.
	3.48     2005-12-02
	  * Enabling empty_element_tags by default for HTML::TokeParser
	     was a mistake.  Reverted that change.
	  * When processing a document with "marked_sections => 1", the
	     skipped text missed the first 3 bytes "<![".
	3.47     2005-11-22
	  * Added empty_element_tags and xml_pic configuration
	     options.  These make it possible to enable these XML
	     features without enabling the full XML-mode.
	  * The empty_element_tags is enabled by default for
	3.46     2005-10-24
	  * Don't try to treat an literal &nbsp; as space.
	     This breaks Unicode parsing.
	  * The unbroken_text option is now on by default
	     for HTML::TokeParser.
	  * HTML::Entities::encode will now encode "'" by default.
	  * Improved report/ignore_tags documentation by
	     Norbert Kiesel <>.
	  * Test suite now use Test::More, by
	     Norbert Kiesel <>.
	  * Fix HTML::Entities typo spotted by
	     Stefan Funke <>.
	  * Faster load time with XSLoader (perl-5.6 or better now required).
	  * Fixed POD markup errors in some of the modules.

Signed-off-by: Adolf Belka <>
 config/rootfiles/common/perl-HTML-Parser | 1 -
 lfs/perl-HTML-Parser                     | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


diff --git a/config/rootfiles/common/perl-HTML-Parser b/config/rootfiles/common/perl-HTML-Parser
index f3f9f0d0b..c9fe642d1 100644
--- a/config/rootfiles/common/perl-HTML-Parser
+++ b/config/rootfiles/common/perl-HTML-Parser
@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@  usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.32.1/xxxMACHINExxx-linux-thread-multi/HTML/PullParser.
diff --git a/lfs/perl-HTML-Parser b/lfs/perl-HTML-Parser
index 0bc9b9ca6..9895f0e8e 100644
--- a/lfs/perl-HTML-Parser
+++ b/lfs/perl-HTML-Parser
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ 
 include Config
-VER        = 3.45
+VER        = 3.78
 THISAPP    = HTML-Parser-$(VER)
 DL_FILE    = $(THISAPP).tar.gz
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@  objects = $(DL_FILE)
-$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 83f7bacf49e36c849288d18b855e59c270d5fbbef3c2b705ce5bde1b026191b66bdf48ee7cd5c445b0a8c9b56a31cf7a8548d8321dfb3a092325a66f812d5a48
+$(DL_FILE)_BLAKE2 = 6fb8388a5db8e7b6c9040e1edb9664c0d863904186724e52bcc78d8f2cd862dc7399ce80d602341854fde7a61809ea847b7504573d96dd65e0a83af99aa33408
 install : $(TARGET)