[0/2] Introduction to perl-libnet patch series

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Adolf Belka March 24, 2021, 11:37 a.m. UTC
  This patch set is a build of the replacement of Net-SMTP-SSL by
Net-SMTP which is provided by perl-libnet

The dependency line in git was updated with this change of module

The build of this replacement module with git had no problems but
the real test will be in testing of it. I don't have a git setup
in my IPFire systems so I think this is best tested by the devs
who already are running with git in IPFire. It should show up quickly
if this has broken the usage.

If everything works well then the patch series can be implemented as
it includes the removal of perl-Net-SMTP-SSL.

If something has been broken then I will probably need guidance on how
to fix it.

This is also testing out the --compose option for the first time for
myself that I saw mentioned in other communications in the list.