[15/19] OpenVPN: Capitalise some headings and labels

Message ID 20200413074550.2735-15-stefan.schantl@ipfire.org
State Accepted
Commit 3a684078b503fbdc41062c3fb24630f4e20bc461
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Series [01/19] openvpn: Add WUI page for client usage statistics | expand

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Stefan Schantl April 13, 2020, 7:45 a.m. UTC
From: Michael Tremer <michael.tremer@ipfire.org>

Signed-off-by: Michael Tremer <michael.tremer@ipfire.org>
 langs/en/cgi-bin/en.pl | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


diff --git a/langs/en/cgi-bin/en.pl b/langs/en/cgi-bin/en.pl
index 3675a21ca..a1747a654 100644
--- a/langs/en/cgi-bin/en.pl
+++ b/langs/en/cgi-bin/en.pl
@@ -1918,7 +1918,7 @@ 
 'ovpn' => 'OpenVPN',
 'ovpn add conf' => 'Additional configuration',
 'ovpn con stat' => 'OpenVPN Connection Statistics',
-'ovpn connection name' => 'Connection name',
+'ovpn connection name' => 'Connection Name',
 'ovpn config' => 'OVPN-Config',
 'ovpn crypt options' => 'Cryptographic options',
 'ovpn device' => 'OpenVPN device:',
@@ -1951,7 +1951,7 @@ 
 'ovpn reneg sec' => 'Session key lifetime:',
 'ovpn routes push' => 'Routes (one per line) e.g.',
 'ovpn routes push options' => 'Route push options',
-'ovpn rw connection log' => 'OpenVPN RW connections log',
+'ovpn rw connection log' => 'OpenVPN Roadwarrior Connections Log',
 'ovpn server status' => 'Current OpenVPN server status:',
 'ovpn subnet' => 'OpenVPN subnet:',
 'ovpn subnet is invalid' => 'OpenVPN subnet is invalid.',
@@ -2446,7 +2446,7 @@ 
 'tor traffic limit soft' => 'Traffic limit almost reached. Not accepting any new connections.',
 'tor traffic read written' => 'Total traffic (read/written)',
 'tor use exit nodes' => 'Use only these exit nodes (one per line)',
-'total connection time' => 'Total connection time',
+'total connection time' => 'Total Connection Time',
 'total hits for log section' => 'Total hits for log section',
 'traffic back' => 'Back',
 'traffic calc time' => 'Time of calculation',