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Robin Roevens Aug. 15, 2021, 8:38 p.m. UTC

New version of this patch, based on current Next.

For completeness, the summary included in the first version:

As discussed earlier, I hereby submit a patchset adding extra metadata 
to all pak's.

First patch adds the new metadata fields "Summary" and "Services" to the 
meta-file templates and introduces the new macro INSTALL_INITSCRIPTS 
accepting a space seperated list of initscripts to install to avoid
duplicating the list of service initscripts. (Once in the new SERVICES
meta-data field and once by calling INSTALL_INITSCRIPT for each of 
The original INSTALL_INITSCRIPT macro is kept (and called by the new
macro) for corner cases where non-service initscripts need to be 
installed and for use by non-pak lfs files as they currently don't have 
a SERVICES variable. 

The second patch adds the new metadata for all pak's in their respective
lfs files. 
As I went over all pak lfs files, I did not encounter any corner cases
hence all calls to INSTALL_INITSCRIPT are replaced by calls to the new
INSTALL_INITSCRIPTS passing the SERVICES variable as argument.
The only special case maybe worth mentioning is Icinga, where a service
initscript is installed by a make rule of the source. Hence no call to
is included in the SERVICES variable to have it recorded in the meta-file.

This set does not yet contain changes in pakfire or services.cgi to
actually do something with the new meta-data.
Those changes will be posted shortly after acceptance of this patch.